AutoFixer, the automated tool for your computer

Download AutoFixer Source Code

Scroll down to read the patch notes for AutoFixer but also what it includes!

The tool is developed and maintained by Marcus Strandner ( Facebook / Twitter )

What is AutoFixer?

AutoFixer is a tool which contains several one click fixes to help you as a user to save time!

  • Auto Mode - for the user who is looking for a one click fix for several windows issues
  • Reset Auto Mode - incase something would go wrong you can always reverse the Auto Mode
  • Reinstall preinstalled apps - for the person who looks to reinstall all apps that comes along with a fresh windows 10 installation
  • More information about the other functions is written as a small description to explain as good as possible what they do.

Patch 2.0

  • The program now comes with an installer instead to add support for more functions in the future
  • Better Updater overall to reduce delay of checking for updates and only updating the new needed files instead of all.
  • Added support for "OpenHardwareMonitor" library to access more data about the hardware ( such as GPU , CPU etc.. )
  • Reverse settings button for the automode, doe this will not reverse powerplan settings or the memoryleak fix!
  • Added a new tab for uninstalling pre installed "apps" in Windows
  • Name changes inside the program
  • Redid the startup of the program so it's a single window instead of two
  • Made so the program startsup and then loads, this can do so it looks like the windows is none clickable for a second or two..