UtilityBox, the small tool that collects all your programs into one tiny program

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  • UtilityBox, the tool for your windows computer

    UtilityBox is an installer for several tools which are useful for users to have in one way or another. But also includes AutoFixer which helps to resolve some basic windows issues.
    Currently UtilityBox contains 8 tools which we find useful for the normal user to have. More programs can be added on request. The programs so far are:
    Speccy, HWMonitor, AdwCleaner, WinDirStat, CPU-Z, AutoFixer, CrystalDiskInfo, GPU-Z

  • Our own AutoFixer tool

    UtilityBox was made to collect several tools which we find useful for users to have, but also to include our own little tool AutoFixer. To both help the people who needs help, but also to save time after a fresh installation of Windows. Both UtilityBox and AutoFixer are specifically made for Windows 10, but can also work on older versions of windows.
    The AutoFixer itself is a tool which helps to resolve several basic issues in Windows, but does also have several other features such as tweaks and an overview of the hardware of the computer.

  • Made for users, all for free!

    The tools provided by UtilityBox is all free to use and shall therefore not be sold. For feature requests to both UtilityBox and AutoFixer please contact us via mail : support@utilitybox.org
    These tools are developed and maintained by Marcus Strandner ( Facebook / Twitter ) and support with graphics by Marcus Borking


Anyone can use it! It's as simple as possible and does everything for you! Download and install several programs within seconds.


Perfect if you wanna save time after a fresh install, or for the user who doesn't know about the tools before.

Absolutely Free

The tool is for everyone to use! All you have to do is to download it and run it, all for free to keep it simple for you.

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